In today's market there are many reasons you should be working with a full time, professional real state agent. A real estate agent will help you find the right home. With easy access to the multiple listings services, a real estate agent has the potential to find properties you will not be able to find as easily online. Not to mention a lot of the time real estate agents have been to the property in question, either showing it or viewing it during a realtor open house. Once you have found your dream home your agent is going to help you write and negotiate the best deal for you! And while some transactions may be easier than others, almost none go perfectly smooth. Your agent can let you know what’s normal, what isn’t and help you understand everything in between. During the transaction there may be some questions that come up that you don’t know to ask or that you are unsure apply. Your real estate agent will know first hand which questions to ask for you! Once you have found your perfect home, negotiated the best deal for you and gotten possession of your home your agent's duties do not end there! A real estate agent is going to keep in contact with you long after the sale of your home. Whatever you need, whether it’s the name of a trusted roofer or to learn more about how to boost your home’s curb appeal, give them a call!